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May 22, 2010

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This morning I played golf at one of the worst golf courses in america.  Not naming any names.  I spent $40 to play 18 holes. The place gets packed and my friend and I can’t make the turn and finish our round in time to make it to work. We go in and they give us a rain check.  My friend lives 40-50 minutes away from this place, and really doesn’t want to play it again due to the fact that it is on the top 10 list of worst golf courses in America.  So I offer to buy his rain check from him in hopes that I can play with someone else and get them to just buy the rain check. Now I am $58 down out of $80. Then I go to Culver’s for lunch, only spending $4.25 on food, but that puts me at $17 left for the rest of the week.  I don’t get any more dough until Thursday, it’s Saturday…Lucky there is a wedding tonight!


The Dumb Crap I Spend My Money On

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So this is essentially a blog about the stupid stuff I spend money on.  It is a tool for me to keep track and for you to ridicule me into being smarter about stuff like this.  Quick overview of the scenario.  My wife and I get a cash amount of 150 per week to spend on gas, groceries, entertainment, hobbies etc.  I spend 70 on gas per week. So I spend 80 per week on stupid crap.  Also, I work as a bartender, so tips come into play sometimes.